Why Baylee Bee?

Why Baylee Bee?

Purpose can be a powerful thing. No matter how large, or small, that sense of purpose is, it can be a driving force for change in so many people’s lives. Our store, Baylee Bee, was built upon the foundation of many purposes, coming together to form one goal: how do we help make people happy with affordable, comfortable clothing?


Last March, our family traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark where the culture is formed around the concept of hygge. While there is no direct translation, hygge loosely means “psychological intimacy” and “coziness.” Think of small gatherings with the people you love, a display of lit candles on a rainy evening, a roaring fire accompanied with laughs and quiet content. After returning home to the U.S., our family had a deep admiration for this concept. We wanted to share it with our own community and make it a part of our everyday lives. What better way to accomplish that than to base a cozy, relaxed clothing brand off of it? Clothes are an incredible tool of self-expression, and something we use, need, and desire; creating a brand that focuses on coziness felt like our calling. Coziness feels like the hug of a warm blanket with therapeutic elements that are sometimes difficult to explain. This is especially relatable during this period of COVID-19 and the current unrest of our country where we are separated from the people we love; whether by distance, ideology, or health. This has led to an overwhelming sorrow that has lurked like a dark cloud over our lives the past year. We strive to add a little sunshine to your lives with our clothing, where coziness is paramount and support can be drawn from connecting again with people at our little store front. I think we are all longing for some sense of normalcy again. We hope a Baylee Bee fleece, pair of joggers, or cozy bootie slippers will help too!  


This is also the era of fast fashion, where local businesses suffer under the pressure from giants like Amazon. That’s where the affordability and charm of small business comes into play. We hope that when you walk into our store, you not only feel welcome and appreciated, but you have the opportunity to actually buy something! Our price range is deliberate so that everyone, no matter what stage of life, can enjoy our products. The combination of affordability and hygge is the heart and soul of Baylee Bee. 

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