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The Aloe Attiva Skincare Line

The Aloe Attiva Skincare Line

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The Whole Aloe Attiva Skincare line with Bonus Carrying Tote!  What you get:

xL Powerlip is the perfect marriage of plumper and balm. Powered by the Kiss Me Quick Flower to help naturally boost lip volume. This treatment will leave your lips looking visibly plumper, while keeping them soft, primed and hydrated with a natural, satin finish.

3D POWERHYDRATOR is so super moisturizing it’s clinically proven to hydrate skin for 72 hours (3D = 3 days!) even if you wash your face. The amped-up gel cream texture feels both weightless and replenishing. Leaves skin soft, smooth and bursting with bright radiance.

- 4x POWERLIXIR is a power-packed serum for youthful, bright skin. It delivers a highly concentrated dose of our 4x boosted Activated Aloe Attiva Elixir. Leaves a satin finish as it deeply comforts skin from within. Antioxidant protection helps keep skin looking young and vibrant.

- pH POWERBALANCE is a pH balanced natural gel cleanser that sweeps dirt and oil away, leaving your skin feeling both clean and refreshed. The cleanser also acts as a brightening makeup remover, alleviating the need for additional products in your skincare routine.

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